And Introducing Keanu Anoa’i as Robbie Greenfield….. in MAT RATS Movie!!!!

Mat Rats Movie Newest Cast Member is the young Keanu Anoa’i. This may be his first feature film but he and his family are no strangers to Sports or Entertainment. Keanu is one of the youngest members of the Anoa’i Family. The Anoa’i Family are Known Famously around the world and in the realm of Professional Wrestling as The Samoan Dynasty. This young man is going to win audience hearts as the lovably shy and unathletic rich kid who joins the Rats Team for respect and has to prove to himself he has what it takes to be a part of a team and earn wrestling glory.


We are so fortunate to work with Keanu and his family. His dad Actor and Wrestler Lloyd of WWF and ECW Fame is also featured cast in our film as Tamah The Warlord. We also had the distinct pleasure of working with his Uncles Samu and Afa Jr as well as Cousin Lance in our recent 100 ACRES OF HELL Horror Feature. Without them we could not have brought the soon to be famous backwoods madman Jeb Tucker to life. We are proud of continuing to work this amazing family of athletes and actors.  Thank You from all of us and welcome Keanu to The Mat Rats Team!!! #MatRatsRule


The Official Website of the NEW Indie Comedy Feature from Knighted Entertainment Mat Rats Movie!!!

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